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Our Partners Enjoy These Great Benefits

Zero Financial Risk

Raffle Worthy burdens 100% of the prize and advertising costs.

Free Marketing For Your Organization

Our specific marketing campaigns are individually by a minimum of 1 million + people and contain your branding.

Lump Sum Donation

This is why we are all in it. To raise as much money as we can for you as your fundraising partner. One lump sum, minimal back-end paperwork.

It's Simply Fun

Our customers are very loyal and fun. They love the causes we support and you will likely get to know a number of them along the way.

What People Are Saying About Raffle Worthy

I received the Great Bottle of Wild Turkey Father and Son Limited Edition.  Thanks to Raffle Worthy for making these raffles and giveaways fair and exciting.  Winning is great but supporting worthy causes is even greater.  Keep up the great work!!

~ Roderick C.

Thanks so much for the fantastic whiskey! I couldn’t believe it when you called to say I’d won, but wow am I glad I signed up for VIP. 

~ Clay T.

Thank you for coordinating the shipment of my grand prize! I picked it up today and I still can’t believe that I’ve won! Thank you for sending the cigars as they go perfect with the bourbon. I sincerely want to thank you and Jason for running such a top notch organization! As a bourbon enthusiast, you have provided a prize that will last a life time! As you can see in one of the pictures, I already celebrated with some bourbon! I will continue to spread the word - Raffle Worthy is 100% legit! Support great causes and get a chance to win unicorn juice! I wish you continued success with your organization!

~ Tommy L.

I am still in disbelief that I actually won! When Piggy Stardust NOLA called me I thought it was a joke. I kept asking them if they were messing with me. I really didn’t believe it until this epic collection was sitting in front of me. My dad sparked my interest in collecting bourbon and ever since then, it has been a passion of mine. Piggy Stardust's mission to provide support for pediatric brain cancer patients is amazing. I am grateful to be the raffle winner but humbled that the proceeds went to a great cause!

~ Jake M.